Written by Vincent 11/9/2016 Christian, American Patriot
We still do not have much time left.
Jesus will be coming soon, He just wants us to save some more people. The fools and the evil will use this to throw in your faces, they shall say these words, “see, the world and you Christians are always saying it will end and Jesus is always coming back soon but He never does.”
Mockers and scoffers will also gain strength during this time, and become embolden – knowing too the evil has also received some extra time
God loves the sinners just as much as the saved.
Remember, evil has also been given extra time .
We must work fast.
The life of a man is 70 years
If it be God’s will over 80 years
Moses, said this to God so you know he was not lying to God during their conversation. Psalm 90 vs 10.
Israel in 1948 became a nation. Add 70 years for a generation (Matthew 24 vs 34) this generation shall not pass until all these things be fulfilled) and we get 2018
Psalm 90 vs 10 ( Moses talking to God) says our years are 70 if we are strong 80.
Well, God just strengthened us and gave us an extra ten years .
Thank Him. But the years are not a gift for us, but extra time to save people for God.
When the Gospel of the kingdom is preached in all the world then shall the end come. (Matthew 24 vs 14.)
Use the time for God, He has given us a little more time to spread his word all across the world.
Use this time to support gospel preaching all over the earth.
Get some fruit for the Lord. Spread his word.
We have our country back, next time we lose it it will be for good, understand that.
Let’s use this time to preach the Gospel to all on earth
Because this is just extra time given by the Lord
Again, this extra time is not for you, but to spread the word for God .