Evangelist Anita Fuentes, Founder and President of Open Your Eyes People & EMOAF Church wants you to join the watchman team

Here’s an opportunity to sound the alarm and do the work of an Evangelist!

Our “Watchman on the Wall” column on our official Open Your Eyes People News Website will showcase your end-time dreams and visions along with any specific word of knowledge and/or prophesy from the Lord concerning the times we are living in. Feel free to also forward to anyone you know. This is a great substitute of the end-time dreams and visions live callers broadcasts we did every Wednesday that are temporarily suspended until further notice. You don’t have to be a writer just obedient. To be a part of our Watchman on the Wall column just submit the following to my personal ministry email: [email protected] or you can post your submission below. Please include the following information:

1.) Full Name

2.) Context of end-time dream, vision, word/prophesy form the Lord

3.) Date received from the Lord

4.) A little bio on who you are and how long you have been a Christian

5.) City, State or Nation you are from

6.) Picture of yourself to include in column

All context submissions will be received and looked over by our team for consideration in biblical accuracy, inspiration of the Holy Spirit, efficiency and current events as it relates to the signs of the times.

Any context submission picked will be published and made for immediate publication on our Open Your Eyes People “Watchman on the Wall” column.

We will not accept anonymous submissions.

Watchman on the Wall is a weekly column of Open Your Eyes People News Website and will be limited to one to two postings a week.

We look forward to hearing from you all!


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