Director of MTV News Rachel Zarrell Threatens To ‘Mail A Monthly Bag of Period Blood’ To V.P. Elect Mike Pence

NPR and other Left outlets are reporting that as many as six panicked women have hurriedly scheduled IUD implantations and Google searches about birth control are soaring now that Donald Trump will be president.

NPR goes on to explain that overturning Obamacare, which Trump has promised, would require more women to once again pay for their own birth control. Would that ban contraception? No. It would return us to the horrors of the pre-2010 era, when birth control was…not only legal, but plentiful and even widely taxpayer-subsidized.

Repealing federal mandates for insurance companies to make everyone pay for the birth control that only some women avail themselves of would simply tell women that their reproductive choices are their responsibility, not mine. Yet since these women — and outlets — apparently can’t tell the difference between “nobody can buy this” and “you can buy this if you want,” they’re making a run on spermkillers.

The crazy doesn’t end there. Rachel Zarrell of MTV News (previously of BuzzFeed, natch) has yucky news for Trump’s vice president, Mike Pence.

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