To the sound of thunderous praise from the Left, National Geographic has decided to bring in the New Year by celebrating a nine-year-old boy’s sexual confusion.

The magazine’s special “Gender Revolution” issue features a cover photo of Avery Jackson, a biologically male elementary student, as seen below.

“The best thing about being a girl is, now I don’t have to pretend to be a boy,” reads the caption, a quote from the fourth grader.

“The ‘Gender Revolution’ issue, which hits newsstands nationwide on Dec. 27, examines the ‘cultural, social, biological and personal’ aspects of gender identity, according to a press release. Features include ‘Dangerous Lives of Girls,’ which follows the lives of young women in Sierra Leone, and ‘Rethinking Gender,’ which examines how science can help ‘navigate the shifting landscape of gender identity,'” notes The Huffington Post.

National Geographic’s Editor-in-Chief Susan Goldberg boasted of the issue via Twitter, calling it “historic.”

“We just published our historic special issue of [National Geographic] on the #GenderRevolution,” bragged Goldberg.

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