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LOUD explosions have reportedly been heard over Syrian military positions sparking reports Israeli Air Force has struck regime troops.

The airstrike has not been confirmed by the Syrian government but ‘loud explosions’ have allegedly been heard near the Falita Barrens in northwest Damascus.

Local media reports suggest Israeli fighter jets may have struck Syrian military points

The Falita Barrens are located near the Lebanese border-crossing.

There are said to be Hezbollah fighters in the area.

Syrian media and local activists claim that Israeli aircraft hit targets of Hezbollah and Bashar Al-Assad’s military.

But Syrian military have so far denied the reports, saying it has no presence in the suburb of Damascus.

It comes after Israel last month acknowledged its fighter jets struck at a military base in Syria.

In November Israeli forces killed four ISIS militants in the war-torn country in the first direct clash between the country and the terror group.

The jihadis opened fire on a military patrol on the Israeli-controlled section of the Golan Heights, a military spokesman said.

But the strike against Syrian army positions tonight is confirmed this would represent a major escalation in the civil war because Israeli’s arch enemy Iran backs the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

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