The missile flew 500km towards the Sea of Japan
The missile flew 500km towards the Sea of Japan

Tensions are already high on the Korean peninsula after Kim Jong-Un launched more than 70 ballistic missile tests, the latest of which took place on Sunday.

And now North Korean defector Jinmyeong Han has revealed the potential scale of the warmongering tyrant’s arsenal.

The defector said: “My guess is that North Korea has 300 to 400 drones.”

North Korea drone
In 2014, unidentified drones crashed onto the border with South Korea

Mr Han, who defected from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in 2015, said that the drones are kept underground and moved between site to avoid detection by foreign reconnaissance satellites.

Mr Han revealed the secretive regime had been developing its drone delivery system since the 1990s.

He said: “I was surprised to see that people from the Korean Workers’ Party came and mounted something that appeared to be biological and chemical weapons on the drones.

“They conducted an experiment to spray chemical or biological agents over the mountains and fields nearby. I went to the mountain afterward to check and found all animals dead, although plants survived.”

The drones are able to support the weight of a 1,200 litre drum filled with either biological or chemical substances.

Mr Han said that the newer drones are capable to fly at low altitudes in order to avoid radar detection.

Speaking to a newspaper in Japan, the defector said he was once involved in managing the North Korean regime’s drone activities.

South Korea’s military fired warning shots at a suspected drone from North Korea on Tuesday.

The defector said the drones could be filled with biological or chemical substances

In 2014, three drones were found destroyed in South Korea, which were thought to be surveillance devices that monitored military installations.

Mr Trump has been trying to persuade China to do more to tell North Korea to stop blasting missiles.

At the United Nations, French diplomats on Monday called for the Security Council to level more sanctions against Pyongyang.