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Smoke over Vatican City

Plumes of black smoke have filled the sky above the Vatican amid reports of an explosion at an auto garage.

Eyewitnesses spoke of seeing thick smoke rising next to the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church following a ‘loud boom’.

The fire department in Palazzo Viminale released a video of a fire raging at a wrecking yard situated close to the Vatican walls.

Firefighters were shown battling the blaze as it tore through several cars and a crusher, while a nearby building was evacuated as a precaution.

Speaking on Twitter, eyewitness Mountain Butorac‏ said on Twitter: ‘I can see the smoke from my apartment and heard the explosion.

‘It’s from a neighborhood just behind the Vatican.

‘The smoke wasn’t visible from St. Peter’s Square. I could only see from my roof, looking over the walls of the Vatican.

‘The smell of the smoke is strong now on Borgo Pio.’