An airline passenger who claimed she was “possessed” caused an Air China plane to turn around after take-off.

The female traveller, in her 50s, sparked a mid-air emergency when she fainted shortly after flight CA 4102 from Beijing to Chengdu departed today.

Passengers reportedly noticed the woman had passed out about 20 minutes after taking off and alerted cabin crew.

The captain decided to return to Beijing to land so that the woman could receive medical attention.

One passenger told Pear Video : “Her pulse was also very weak, so they gave her an oxygen mask. Then she woke up shortly.”

The flight was forced to turn around 20 minutes into take off (Image: Pear Video)
The woman claimed she was “possessed” and refused to see a doctor (Image: Pear Video)

The woman is said to have appeared unstable when she woke up and is alleged to have shouted: ‘No! Don’t touch me! Don’t pull me!’ to flight attendants.

Video captured on board the plane shows the woman being spoken to for about six people, including medical staff, during attempts to calm her.

One passenger told Pear Video: “Her pulse was also very weak, so they gave her an oxygen mask. Then she woke up shortly.”

The woman fainted on board the plane (Image: Pear Video)

The captain decided to turn around so the woman could receive treatment but she was said to have refused to see a doctor, The Paper reported.

According to reports, she demanded to see the flight crew and shouted: “I have to be in Chengdu. There are things possessing my body and you cannot find it by health checks.”

Air China staff reportedly told local media that the flight returned to the Beijing airport at 12:27pm, about 40 minutes after take off.

The employee said the passenger ‘experienced sudden illness.’

Travellers were delayed for around five hours as the flight departed again from Beijing at 3.30pm (7.30am UK time) and arrived in Chengdu at 6pm.