The International Olympic Committee is being asked to reverse its decision to let men compete in women’s events.

Otherwise, as Amanda Prestigiacomo noted earlier this year at the Daily Wire, “women all over the world are getting a taste of ‘fairness,’ leftist style!”

The article explains what happens when gender is “deemed a social construct that is totally disconnected from our biology.”

The request to the IOC has been made by the non-profit 4 Winds Christian Athletics, which pointed out that transgender Tiffany Abreu, 33, is playing on a top women’s volleyball team in Brazil and “is on track to compete at the 2020 Olympics in Japan.”

Tiffany Abreu

Abreu, born male, previously played in European men’s leagues but in 2012 decided to “become a woman,” 4 Winds said.

“Abreu went through hormonal treatment to control testosterone levels and had sex reassignment surgery,” the ministry said. “And as of 2016, Olympic athletes no longer have to have reassignment surgery but just must keep their testosterone levels under 10 nanamoles through hormonal treatment.”

4 Winds Christian Athletics President Steve McConkey said that as the 2020 Olympics approach, there are transgender athletes competing as females that could impact various sports.

“Transgender athletes competing as females have an unfair advantage over females due to skeleton and muscle superiority that cannot be reversed,” he said. “We have asked the International Olympic Committee to reverse their decisions on transgender athletes.”

McConkey has been battling since 2003 the trend to allow men and women to choose whether they will compete as men or women.

He’s seen the movement spread to high schools, the NCAA, NFL, NBA and others.

According to Breitbart News, the IOC decided to allow transgender athletes to compete “in whatever category they wish” during 2018 games.

The IOC already had said it would not require athletes to match their birth gender nor do any testing.

The organization said there were “no regulations in place at the Olympic Games Rio 2016, and there will be no regulations in place at the Olympic Winter Games Pyeong Chang 2018.”

The IOC had been involved in a case brought by Indian sprinter Dutee Chand challenging a rule that prevents her and other female competitors with elevated testosterone levels from competing.

Steven Petrow wrote in the Washington Post about the IOC’s acceptance of transgender athletes.

“One competitive cisgender female runner, who did not want her name used, explained how ‘incredibly unfair’ this is to her, attributing the rule change to the IOC’s ‘trying to be politically correct.’ Another cisgender female athlete, former Olympic judo competitor Ronda Rousey, went further (and got graphic) when she complained to the media about her competitor Fallon Fox, a trans woman, claiming: ‘She can try hormones, chop her —— off, but it’s still the same bone structure a man has. It’s an advantage. I don’t think it’s fair,’” Petrow wrote.

The Daily Mail reported last year that two British athletes, both men, were “on the verge of making history by competing in women’s events” in the games.

However, the two were not identified.

The Daily Wire reported women’s competitions, in some cases, already were being taken over by men who believe themselves to be women.

Case in point was Laurel Hubbard, who “took a commanding win” in the Australian International weightlifting event.

“The athlete wrecked the biological women … setting four national records,” the report said.

“Imagine being a biologically female athlete and working all your life to reach the top of your field, only to have it taken away by a biological male. Is this the ‘male privilege’ the Left always gripes about?” the Daily Wire said.

The IOC states on its website there will be no rules addressing men who want to compete as women for the 2018 games.