There already are plans being drawn up for the third Jewish temple in Jerusalem. Temple tools are being re-created. The animals that could be used in sacrifice are being bred. The altar re-creation is under way.

Now there’s a plan to create a golden crown for the Messiah’s arrival in Jerusalem.

It is Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz at Breaking Israel News who revealed the plan being pursued by Rabbi Yosef Berger, of King David’s Tomb on Mount Zion.

He has created an online presence to solicit support for the project.

Berger, who reports being a direct descendant of King David, told BIN the founding of the state of Israel and the Six-Day War were miracles.

That makes Israel of today “in the beginning of the messianic era.”

Creating such a crown, Berger explained, “will hasten the arrival of the king”

“For 2,000 years, Israel has waited for the moshiach (messiah),” Berger told BIN. “As a symbol of our belief that this period of waiting has ended, we should prepare a crown, since the first act of the moshiach will be to restore the Davidic Dynasty, which will be visibly unlike any other kingship that has ever existed.”

Berger emphasized “that a king of Israel would ensure that the exile would end, the ingathering of the exiles would be complete, the Temple would be rebuilt and the Temple service reinstated,” BIN reported.

“We are commanded to anticipate this, to pray for it, at all times until we merit seeing it with our own eyes,” Berger said. “It is written in the Midrash (homiletic teachings) that the generation that anticipates and yearns for God’s kingdom is redeemed immediately. But this anticipation, like every mitzvah (Torah commandment), is made stronger when accompanied by a physical action.”

He told a parable of waiting, and planning:

One time two couples approached a righteous man who bestowed blessings. Both asked for a child. The next year they came back and one couple had a child, the other did not.

That couple asked why not, and the righteous man said when the other couple had received a blessing, they “went out and bought a carriage for the baby.”

“True belief leads to action,” he told BIN, “and action strengthens the heart to believe even more. It is the strength of the belief that makes the blessings come true.”

He continued, “In this generation, when it is clear that the messiah is imminent, merely waiting to reveal himself, we need to prepare our hearts by performing acts that strengthen our belief. By preparing an actual crown, we are taking the first step toward bringing the inner vision of a king into reality.”