Mr Horn said: “There are two things we are speaking about here, a massive asteroid collision and the otherwise certain collision impact from Apophis.

“We know, in terms of the research time that I have, will be between the North Sea and the Black sea, which isn’t too far from the UK.

“To spell out such an impact, we have taken the trouble to illustrate this information, we have put it online in comic book form so people can have a graphic sense of what this means.

“The descriptive words are probably even more important because of the tremendous damage.

“If and when Apophis, let us say specifically in the area between the North Sea and the Black Sea.

“It will cause a crack, cracking in the Earth’s crust whether it hits by the sea or nearby.

NASA space Apophis asteroid

“It will cause a massive release of gasses, there will be pieces of the asteroid and the Earth that would be hurled back into space.

“There is tremendous heat as a thing like that comes in meaning fires and millions of people perish in the immediate area.

“Then the asteroid impact produces a possibly global effect.

“From everything from nuclear winter kind of phenomenon where the sky is darkened and gasses migrating damage to the seas.

“Every kind of consequential complication from a massive object coming in at enormous speeds and glowing hot in the atmosphere and impacting the Earth.

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