Five men were charged for animal cruelty in what was described as a “ritual sacrifice” that was carried out as a part of a training camp in Georgia for a white supremacist group.


The animal, a ram, was killed during a meeting of the group in October 2019. The men initially tried to kill the ram with a knife but were unsuccessful. They proceeded to shoot it in the head and only after it was dead did they remove its head.

The training event was for a group called The Base, a paramilitary Neo-Nazi hate group founded in 2018 that uses Nazi iconography and has carried out anti-Semitic attacks. The group members portray themselves as vigilante soldiers defending the “European race” against a broken “system” that has been infected by Jewish values.  The Base embraces Hitlerian ideology coupled with a mission to prepare for an impending race war. The group espouses accelerationist belief, an ideology embraced by white supremacists who have determined that a societal collapse is both imminent and necessary. Members have also been arrested for conspiracy to commit murder, participation in a criminal gang, gun charges, and haver carried out anti-Semitic attacks.

The five men were charged last week with aggravated animal cruelty and livestock theft by a Floyd County grand jury, according to an indictment first reported by the Rome News-Tribune. Three other men, all from north Georgia and linked by authorities to The Base, already face charges related to the animal’s death and other alleged crimes.

Animal sacrifice was a pagan practice that was also practiced in Solomon’s Temple as per Biblical mandate. Though the Base is an organization based explicitly on Nazi ideology, there are no sources that document the practice of animal sacrifice among the original Nazis, raising the question of the source for the recent criminal actions of the modern organization. In fact, the Nazis were pioneers in environmentalism and animal welfare, led by Hitler who had a vegetarian diet. Goebbels claimed Hitler’s hatred of the Jews was based on the Biblical dietary requirements distinguishing between animals and humans. One Nazi leader tried to ban the hunting of animals and though the Nazis banned the vivisection of animals, experiments on human subjects were carried out in the concentration camps.