Terrified beach goers in Israel were filmed running for their lives as sirens warned of an incoming rocket attack from the Gaza strip. The beach goers, which numbered in their hundreds, are seen sprinting across the sand in Tel Aviv holding on to their belongings as sirens screech above. The video comes as violence has soared in recent weeks in the region between Israel and terror group Hamas who control the Palestinian enclave of Gaza. Tensions culminated in rocket attacks fired from Gaza by Hamas into Israel on Monday which killed several in Israel. But retaliatory strikes by Israel have now killed hundreds in Gaza, including tens of children in a refugee camp on Saturday.

Panic erupted after sirens rung out warning beachgoers to leave the area immediately.

The sunbathers grabbed belongings and headed for cover as they ran for their lives to shelter from an incoming attack on the coastal city of Tel Aviv.

Men, women and children can be seen amongst the crowd as a mass of people head for cover along the beach front buildings in the Israeli city.

Sirens echo above warning of impending rocket strikes fired by Gaza based terrorist group Hamas who control the Palestinian enclave.

Israeli's on beach
Israeli’s run for cover from rocket strike (Image: Twitter)
Israeli's beach
Israeli’s sprint for cover in Tel Aviv (Image: Twitter)

Most of the rockets are intercepted by the Israeli missile defense system knows as the ‘Iron Dome’.

But an estimated 10 per cent of rockets make it through the missile defense system which is controlled by the Israeli Defense Force.

Life under the rockets: How an Israeli and a Palestinian prepare for the unthinkable

Rockets have been hitting parts of Israel since Monday when tensions rose following weeks of tension between Israeli’s and Palestinians which began when Palestinians were removed from their homes by Israeli authorities.

Then huge clashes erupted at the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, considered sacred by both Israeli’s and Palestinians, as the IDF threw grenades into the mosque during Ramadan and a stand off ensued.

Iron Dome
The Iron Dome defence system intercepts rockets fired from Gaza (Image: Getty Images)

It comes as at least 139 people have been killed in Gaza and nine in Israel since the fighting began on Monday.

And Thirteen people died in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, 10 of which were killed by an Israeli air strike that hit a refugee camp west of Gaza City according to Palestinian health officials – children are amongst the dead.

And on Friday clashes spread to the West Bank, the Pelestinian enclave which borders Jordan, where a further 11 Palestinians were killed and hundreds were injured.

Israeli forces used tear gas, rubber bullets and live fire, as Palestinians threw petrol bombs.

Israel military

In response to the refugee camp attack, Hamas’ military wing launched dozens of rockets into Tel Aviv.

The United Nations Security Council is due to discuss the ongoing crisis for the first time publicly on Sunday as fears mount of war between the two sides.

On Friday, pro-Palestinian demonstrations took place at Israel’s borders with neighbouring Jordan and Lebanon as on Friday night Israel continued to bomb the enclave with air raids.

Saturday 15th May marks Nabka today meaning ‘Disaster’. It is the day after the creation of the state of Israel on 14 May 1948, which forced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to flee or be expelled from the country.