Personal information from roughly 1.5 billion worldwide Facebook users was allegedly put up for sale following a recent leak.

A member of a known forum for hackers claimed to be in possession of the information in late September and offered to sell it in chunks to others on the forum, according to a report from Privacy Affairs. One user claimed to have gotten a quote of $5,000 for the information of 1 million users.

The hacker allegedly in possession of the leaked information claimed that it included the following for each Facebook account: name, email address, location, gender, phone number and user ID.

facebook leaked info
The data of 1.5 billion Facebook users may have been leaked. Above is a Facebook logo seen on a smartphone screen. CHESNOT/GETTY IMAGES

Samples shared by the user appear to have been authentic, according to Privacy Affairs. The outlet also checked the information against previous leaks and found that alleged info was a legitimately new leak, not old data being resold. The hacker claimed to be in charge of a four-year-old data scraping operation with 18,000 clients.

However, several users on the forum reported that they had not received anything after sending money to the original poster. This could indicate that the alleged leak was, in fact, a scam, or that the alleged holder of the data was running late.

Newsweek has reached out to Facebook for a comment on this story and to possibly confirm the leak’s veracity.

If the information was actually obtained via data scraper, then no actual accounts are likely to have been compromised yet. Accounts could still be accessed if the data was acquired by the right sort of cybercriminals. It is also possible that it could be acquired by marketing operations and used to push certain ads on affected users.