This year’s election is nothing like we have ever seen before. The Democrats have shown that they are going to do whatever they want, regardless if it is legal or not. They have shown that they are going to cheat to get what they want.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch speaks during a news conference at the Justice Department in Washington (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
Attorney General Loretta Lynch speaks during a news conference at the Justice Department in Washington (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Voter fraud is one of the ways that the Democrats plan to cheat in this election. They have shown that they are willing to cheat since that was how they defeated Bernie Sanders in the primary elections. And now they have the support of President Obama and Loretta Lynch’s Department of Justice.

A press release from the Department of Justice says that people who want to prevent voter fraud might be violating voter intimidation laws. These people that the department just threatened might be serving as poll watchers just to make sure that there is nothing going on with the votes.

When first looking at the press release, it initially serves as a warning that voter fraud and abuse isn’t going to be tolerated by federal law enforcement. But what it also does is cast a shadow of doubt over some of the lawful election activities. They use broad language that intends to make individuals worry and therefore not perform their own duties.

A statement that was initially circulated by various U.S. Attorney’s offices had outlined several forms of election crimes. They include “buying and selling votes, impersonating voters,” and various others. Yet they offer a blanket warning to people that might want to challenge some of those actions mentioned before.

They claim that those that do what they can to prevent election fraud might, “violate federal voting rights laws.” The Department of Justice comment specifically says that they are against communicating with voters and “challenging them.”

What this does is create confusion among those that are trying to do their jobs and make sure that there isn’t any fraud going on. The statement doesn’t say which states might allow communication between voters and poll watchers. It doesn’t note that some observers in specific states have the power to challenge would-be voters based on their document status.

How interesting that this is coming from President Obama’s own Department of Justice. This is just another indication that the president of the United States is doing whatever he can to make sure that Hillary Clinton wins the presidential nomination. This broadness is just going to create confusion and allow voter fraud to happen.


Plus this statement comes at a time when Donald Trump has been saying that he has been worried about the election being rigged. In the past law enforcement agencies at all levels have given contact information to report suspicious activity in a “see-something-say-something” way. But now that Trump makes a statement against it, the Department of Justice uses confusing language that cannot be determined to warn against election fraud.

It’s literally just another way that Obama is doing whatever he can to make sure that the election is rigged. If people can’t report suspicious activity, then people looking to commit voter fraud are going to do whatever they can and not get stopped. And that means that we are going to have a country run by Clinton.

Delaware United States Attorney Charles M. Oberly, III’s says, “every citizen must be able to vote without interference or discrimination and to have that vote counted without it being stolen because of fraud.” Despite his plea, the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division has a poor record of bringing violators to justice.

The last voter intimidation case that was brought up was before the inauguration of President Obama, and even that case ended up being dropped! So that is one case in eight years? That is a horrible record.

The bottom line is that this vagueness is going to create so much confusion that people are not going to do their jobs in fear of being arrested. And that is going to open the door to let voter fraud in. Now normally it could be stopped, but since there aren’t going to be people watching the voters, anything can happen.

Think of the timing of all of this. This is just after Trump says that he is worried about election fraud. And now the Department of Justice, which has a history of helping out Clinton by the way, releases this completely vague rule set that literally doesn’t help anything.