GLENN BECK: The ‘race is over,’ Donald Trump ‘should win’ by 5 points


Glenn Beck on Monday predicted that the FBI’s renewed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server would deliver the presidential election to Donald Trump.



The conservative media mogul made the prediction on his nationally syndicated radio program, repeatedly saying “the race is over.”

“Let’s just say he was 8 points, that was fair to say, 8 points behind last week,” Beck said, according to a transcript posted on his website. “He should win by 5 points.”

Beck later added: “How can the next president face a possible collapsing economy, possible war with Russia, and a current war with ISIS? Oh, and also, be under FBI investigation and indictment? Can’t. Can’t.”

The conservative personality called the latest FBI revelation “the greatest gift given to any candidate of all time in the history of America” and added that if Clinton still managed to win, it would be akin to proof “magic exists.”

Throughout the 2016 campaign cycle, Beck has been a fierce critic of Trump, vowing to never vote for the New York businessman. Beck previously endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.