A new video purportedly released by the Islamic State titled “Allah will be sufficient for you against them 2” shows mass beheadings of New Syrian Army members with swords before a man in “Wilayat Furat,” Syria is shot with a large gun. The video was released on ISIS terrorist channels on November 1.

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Shocking Moment an ISIS Prisoner Is Blasted to Pieces with an Artillery
Shocking Moment an ISIS Prisoner Is Blasted to Pieces with an Artillery
































The video is stated to have been created in “Wilayat al-Furat”, an ISIS-occupied area on the Euphrates River that is part of Syria and borders Iraq. “Al-Furat” is Arabic for “Euphrates.”

The video begins with audio and images of President Barack Obama saying, “For the first time in eight years, there are no Americans fighting in Iraq… the Americans that have deployed to Iraq do not and will not have a combat mission.”

The video then shows footage and images from varying sources to contradict President Obama’s claim, with the content focusing on Army Generals Lloyd James Austen, Joseph Leonard Votel, Michael Nagata, and Christopher Burns. It then cuts to a graphic reading “Air Force in Iraq Coalition,” which the US is spearheading.

A recent report by USA Today states that US aircraft are being used to block ISIS militants from fleeing the coalition retaking of Mosul.

The ISIS video then shares a video montage of US troops, allegedly in Iraq, while focusing on the money the American coalition is pouring into both Iraq and Syria. Footage of alleged American airstrikes hitting alleged civilian targets is shown.

The video then focuses on Syria, citing a Military Times article that about the terminated Syrian rebel training program, called “the New Syrian Army,” led by previously mentioned General Michael Nagata. The article further reads:

The Obama administration earlier this month announced it will no longer train Syrian rebel fighters to combat Islamic State group militants. Instead, the money will go to providing weapons and ammunition to local counter-ISIS ground forces and to a background process that would vet leaders of the program as opposed to each individual fighter.

ISIS then claims that it had gotten a hold of a list of everyone in the New Syrian Army. The following executions are allegedly of those individuals who had been in the failed US program. According to the video, the New Syrian Army, largely financed by the US, was also created by the UK, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, and Jordan.

The video then shows brutal executions carried out against individuals, called “spies,” who had joined the failed New Syrian Army.

Two of the condemned are brutally beheading with large knives, while a third man is shot with a large round of artillery.