Irans Bushehr nuclear power plant [file photo]
Iran warned that it would operate its nuclear plants in 24 hours if American President-elect Donald Trump scraped the nuclear deal reached with the P5+1 countries, Iran’s Tasnim news agency reported yesterday.

According to, Tasnim reported members of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee in the Iranian parliament Mohammed Mehdi Bromendi saying: “Based on directions from the Supreme Guide, Tehran is ready for any development in this file.”

He noted that Iran is able to enrich uranium by more than three per cent depending on recent “developed” centrifuges, not IR1 centrifuges.

However, he stressed that the new American Administration cannot evade the deal because it is a multilateral international deal approved by the UN Security Council.

During his electoral campaign, Trump said he would scrap the deal, but after he was announced president, he made contradicting remarks.

Previously, the American Department of State said that there is nothing to prevent America from withdrawing from the deal if Trump wanted this, but this would be a “dangerous” measure with “dangerous consequences on the deal”.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that it is impossible for Trump to cancel the deal.

Speaking to his government, Rouhani said: “Iran’s position towards the deal is that it was not signed by one state or government, but it was ratified by the International Security Council and it is impossible to be changed by an individual government.”