DONALD Trump will be impeached during his first term as US president, the professor who predicted his unlikely election victory has shockingly claimed.

Allan Lichtman, a political historian at American University and the man who predicted every election since 1984 correctly said Mr Trump’s tendency of playing “fast and loose with the law” would come back to bite him.
He had successfully predicted the Republican’s shocking victory, which experts said had barely a 10 per cent chance of happening even several hours after voting ended.He has now said: “My prediction of a Trump impeachment is not based on a scientific system, like my prediction of a Trump victory, but it comes out of it through gut.

Trump impeachment
CNBC / GETTY Allan Lichtman has predicted Donald Trump will be impeached during his first term
“But it has a few reasons behind it. What you see [with Trump] is what you get: candidates don’t fundamentally change. 
“Donald Trump throughout his life has played fast and loose with the law. He was found by the justice department in the seventies to have discriminated against African Americans with his real estate business.”The professor claimed that “Trump had run an unlawful charity in the state of New York.”
Trump impeachment
CNBC Allan Lichtman successfully predicted Donald Trump’s shock US election victory
And further, that in his opinion  “There is documentation that suggests Trump breached the Cuban embargo at a time when that was a serious federal crime.”The historian said even Mr Trump avoided making similar mistakes, his past may come back to haunt him.
Trump impeachment
GETTY Donald Trump stormed to an unexpected election victory last week
He said: “A dozen women have accused him of sexual assault. It is likely one of them will file a civil suit – and remember, it was a civil suit filed by Paula Jones for sexual harassment against Bill Clinton that opened the door for the Clinton impeachment.
Trump impeachment
GETTY Mr Trump will be impeached during his first term, a historian has claimed
“Secondly, as we’ve already discussed, Trump is a wildcard, he has no record of public service. Republicans love control and they would love to see Mike Pence, the vice president, as president because he is predictable and controllable.”Mr Trump’s legal advisors have been contacted for comment.