If God calls you it is not to duplicate someone else’s work. Each one of you have a specific call on your life. Don’t run to the east and don’t run to the west, don’t run to the south and don’t run to the north for what you can copy. Look! Lift up your eyes and look to where your call originates from. It is God’s purpose on your life, His plan, His call and it is His face ONLY you must seek. ONLY from Him will you get your plans.

Remember Satan imitates – God originates.

Taking time to fast and shut everything down for at least two hours a day to enter into the presence of the Lord, on your knees and on your face with no cell phone, no computer, no kids, spouse, phone calls or even a prayer list just pure seeking the Masters face, waiting on your King, your boss for your next assignment is what is now expected in these last days. No shortcut’s and no excuses. Make no mistake in this seeking you will surely find, heaven guarantees it.

I can picture that for some of you reading what you just did this sounds foreign but it should not. You think, “2 hours a day?! My pastor said my 2-minute prayer devotional was plenty!. Why I even catch my favorite T.V. preacher for at least 30 minutes in the morning while I’m getting dressed for work and another 30 minute program when I get back home, oh and don’t let me forget to tell you I also go to church every Sunday and some Wednesdays too! What is this 2-hour waiting on the Lord everyday business all about?”

Beloved of Christ, if you want a 2-minute blessing for a 2-minute call on your life then this is the plan for the ages. It is also why you probably receive two minutes of attention from the Lord daily when He desires to give you so much more. You cry out to Him but you do not hear Him because you are not near to Him. For our Lord says: “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13

Some of you would wait longer to get on a ride at your favoprite amusement park or stand in line at a movie theatre just to get the best seat. Others would go to bed two hours later to watch their favorite flick or even the latest news, while others would dare wake up two hours earlier just to catch a flight to a vacation spot they will eventually get no rest at or to stand in line to get the latest sale at a retail store.

Beloved ministers of God, if you have been called to serve the Almighty God in 2017 then this is your reasonable service. This reasonable service however has been deeply neglected among the called in the body of Christ.

Now is the time to enter your chambers for now is the time God is handing out new assignments. I have stated in our live Open Your Eyes People broadcasts for the past few months that there is a major shifting take place in the spirit (that is why the intensity of the warfare many have faced in the past few months have been on a level not seen in centuries, yes centuries). God’s heavenly kingdom is receiving current generals that have run their race and at the same time preparing with great fervency and accleration trained and refined soldiers who have been faithful to their post to fill these vacant general positions in this final second discourse before the Day of the Lord come les the current generation fall away from the faith of our fathers due to all of the new age and last days apostate teachings, teachers and ministries that have plagued the scene in the past 12 years.

Stop running to and fro seeking a ‘word from the Lord’ from a Pastor, prayer warrior, Prophet or Prophetesses concerning the call of God on your life. These are all blessed and anointed offices and positions and if they do well they too are front in center before the face of the Master seeking His will for their own ministry. But you, you are to do your own seeking, your own reasonable service unto the Master to receive your assignment.

If you believe that Jesus Christ is your boss then you must get guidance and council from Him, not from your own plans and not from an organization. 2017 is quickly approaching and it is my prayer that each of you who know you are called or maybe are already in full-time ministry but struggling or have seemed to have lost your way no longer hearing the voice of God, it is the Lord’s simple request that you meet Him in your own private chambers in fasting for the first 40 days starting January 2017, in asking and waiting on the the Lord concerning your next assignment for 2017. In meeting, waiting and serving Him during that time He will lay out His blue prints and your year in ministry will be laid with a good and firm foundation. Oh and you will never be the same again.

God richly bless you in the coming New Year 2017

In the Master’s Service: Evangelist Anita Fuentes

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