A Russian company is cashing in on Donald Trump’s popularity in its country by minting a sterling silver coin with his likeness – and the slogan “In Trump we Trust.”

Vladimir Vasyukhin, head of the Art-Grani metal-working company, said the limited edition of 45 coins commemorating the inauguration were created to express his and Russian business leaders’ hopes with Trump.

“There are more hopes associated with Trump with regards to the lifting of sanctions; maybe the environment (between the US and Russia) will change,” he told the Associated Press Television News.

The 2-pound coins – which measure almost 5 inches in diameter – are similar to other coins made by the company that feature Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and other notable Russians, CBS News reported. Five of them will be cast in gold.

One side features Trump’s right profile, with his distinctive flowing mane — while the other shows the Statue of Liberty and the inscription “In Trump we trust.”

Vasyukhin said the silver coins will cost a “few thousand dollars,” but the exact price has not yet been decided.

Art-Grani wants to present the first of the coins to Trump and has reached out to Russian diplomats and American business partners to help arrange the presentation.

Trump has repeatedly praised Putin, describing him as a strong leader who is “very smart.” He also has said he wants to repair the strained relationship between the two countries.

In an interview Monday, he suggested easing some sanctions against Russia after completing “good deals” to limit nuclear weapons.

One Twitter users opined that the Trump coin would rattle Democrats.

“Russia is rubbing it in the Democrats face with a Coin that looks like Trump and on Back says ‘In Trump we Trust”! This should piss off Dems,” wrote @bryanwynn2.