The next four years could spell double, double, toil and trouble for President Trump.

Witches of the world will cast a “mass spell” on the commander-in-chief Friday night in a ritual that calls for an unflattering photo of Trump, a tower tarot card, salt, a candle, a feather and either the stub of an orange candle or a baby carrot.

The stroke-of-midnight rite is a “binding spell” to deter the President from doing harm — not a hex or curse meant to harm him, explained self-described magical thinker Michael M. Hughes on the politics site ExtraNewsFeed, which widely publicized the plan.


“In other words, this is not the equivalent of magically punching a Nazi,” Hughes wrote. “Rather, it is ripping the bullhorn from his hands, smashing his phone so he can’t tweet, tying him up, and throwing him in a dark basement where he can’t hurt anyone.”

Witches will repeat the spell “on every waning crescent moon until he is removed from office,” or March 26, April 24, May 23, June 21, July 21, Aug. 19 and so on. The June date is of particular importance, Hughes explained, as it marks the summer solstice.

“I call upon you / To bind / Donald J. Trump / So that he may fail utterly / That he may do no harm / To any human soul / Nor any tree / Animal / Rock / Stream / or Sea,” goes part of the spell. It later calls for spirits to bind “all those who enable his wickedness and those whose mouths speak his poisonous lies,” as well.

The grassroots “#magicresistance” has organized in a Facebook group that had 5,137 likes and 5,668 followers as of this writing.

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Hear me, God-Satan, Jehovah, HWHY, Krishna, Lucifer, Devil and to its true magickal will.

The 45th President can, however, find hope in the opposition party: the anti-Islam, anti-marriage equality Christian Nationalist Alliance, which is mobilizing “all Christian soldiers” to read from Psalm 23 during each of the crescent moon rituals.

“We ask you to join us in praying for the strength of our nation, our elected representatives and for the souls of the lost who would take up Satanic arms against us,” reads a post on the group’s site.

President Trump sits for an interview in the Oval Office on Thursday.
President Trump sits for an interview in the Oval Office on Thursday. (JONATHAN ERNST/REUTERS)

President Trump is not the first to get caught in the broom crosshairs: A self-identified witch last year organized a mass hexing of convicted Stanford rapist Brock Turner, calling for the sexual predator to be “impotent” and have “constant pain of pine needles in (his) guts.” It remained unclear whether the hex had been successful.