Sick manipulated footage shows sport stars armed with handguns and rifles appearing to fire at US soldiers on a shooting range.

When athletes – dubbed the Defence Sport Team – fire their weapons, crude special effects depict blood splattered across the faces of American troops.

In one disturbing scene a row of athletes wearing matching North Korea tracksuits coldly fire at targets in tandem.

Horrifying footage of the training session is shown alongside the haunting message: “Our deadshots are not fired in shooting ranges or in stadiums only.”

north korea videoDPRK

SWORN ENEMY: North Korean athletes practice shooting in a propaganda video

north korea videoDPRK

TARGETED: Blood splattered on what appears to be a US soldier

In another section of the video the US is also described as the “sworn enemy” of North Korea.

Later on another caption claims the US is “forcing the disaster of a nuclear war on our people” after “the disaster of a brutal war on the Korean people in the 1950s”.

At the end of the video a volley of missiles are dropped on what appears to the be west coast of the US.

north korea videoDPRK

TRAINING: North Korean athletes practice shooting

The two-minute video was posted by North Korean propaganda website DPRK – shorthand for Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

It comes amid fears the hermit state is gearing up to attack the United States with a missile strike, according to think tank the National Interest.

The think tank claims more than a million Americans in Hawaii are at risk of being nuked by North Korea.

The US state is reportedly the most likely target for Kim Jong-un’s weapons as the prospect of an all-out conflict between the two countries grows.

Tryant Kim Jong-un has threatened to attack the US “without warning” over an apparent plot to wipe out the leadership of North Korea.