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According to exiting the London newspaper “Al-Hayat” with reference to political sources in Jordan, the United States armed forces, the United Kingdom and Jordan will begin a joint operation against terrorists in the Jordanian-Syrian border.

The most dangerous of the existing groups here – “The Army Halida Bin al-Walid” – the local branch of the “Islamic state.” Its main bases are located in an area where there are borders of Jordan, Syria and Iraq.

Only 70 kilometers from here are the position of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The publication notes that their presence in the border area of ​​a concern not only Jordan, but also in Israel.

According to “Al-Hayat”, the new coalition was formed in the course of the visit of British Prime Minister Terezy Mey in Amman and Jordan’s King Abdullah II in Washington. May and visited the command of special forces of the kingdom.