Moscow’s warplanes blasted past the coast of Alaska four times in four days amid tensions between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

Another pair of TU-95 Bear bombers were spotted within days of two sets of the massive planes hurtling near the US coast.

Meanwhile, two IL-38 maritime patrol aircraft were also spotted flying over the Alaskan frontier with the Arctic.

Russian warplanes never entered US airspace but F-22 stealth fighters and Canadian CF-18s were scrambled to intercept.

Bombers entered the Alaskan Air Defence Identification Zone as they passed the northern state.

US defence officials have branded the four flypasts as “strategic messaging” by Putin, reports the US.

Vladimir Putin
“We haven’t seen this sort of level of activity for a couple of years,” said John Cornelio, a NORAD spokesperson.Russia and the US have been at loggerheads since Trump launched a missile strike on Putin’s close ally Bashar al-Assad over chemical weapons attacks in Syria.White House spokesman Sean Spicer said of the Russian bombers, “obviously, we are aware of it” and added “we monitor everything”.