Olbermann Hysterically speaks on overthrowing U.S. Government with the help of Russia and Foreign Intelligence Agencies

Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey certainly raises a lot of questions. However, the two salient facts here remain: The Trump-Russia investigation isn’t going away, and not even the FBI disagrees that it was within the Trump’s power to fire a man who serves at the pleasure of the president. In fact, by firing Comey so abruptly, Trump may have breathed new life into the investigation. One of the golden rules of Washington still applies here: Never assume malevolence when incompetence will suffice as an explanation.

Nonetheless, there is an emerging strain of thought in the fever swamps of the left that not running around with your hair on fire at right now is the hallmark of a collaborator. To that end, I present Keith Olbermann’s latest rant, in which the former MSNBC host calls on foreign intelligence agencies—including, incredibly, the Russian GRU—to help overthrow the U.S. government. Ostensibly, this is to save us from “a coup” presently under way by “the greatest threat to the freedoms of this nation that this nation has ever faced, the Trump administration, the Trump junta.” Even for Olbermann, this is pretty Olbermann:

I’d be tempted to ignore a man who at this stage in his career is about one notch above a basement podcaster, except that this is also being done under the banner of GQ, which I assume, perhaps mistakenly, still tries to act like a responsible journalism outlet.

Yes, Trump is violating a lot of political norms. Firing Comey was, at a minimum, tactless, and Congress needs answers. But the idea of openly asking foreign powers to depose a legitimately elected president of the United States, no matter how much you dislike him, is, well, the mirror image of the horrible conspiracy Donald Trump is alleged to have committed.