An Oroville elementary school was hit with one of the most interesting weather phenomenon we’ve ever seen!

According to school officials, overnight Tuesday, Stanford Elementary in Oroville was hit with a wave of weird weather… it rained fish!

School officials said the school was covered in tiny fish as a storm cloud passed over the elementary school.

When students and teachers began arriving on campus, they said they thought someone had played a prank, covering the grounds and even roofs with the tiny fish, hundreds covering the campus.


But then, it started to rain fish again during school classes and recess, according to the schools librarian, Rachael Thompson.

While incredibly rare, the phenomenon isn’t unheard of. According to Discovery Science, it happens occasionally when a water spouts forms above a relatively shallow body of water with small sea life.

The spout sucks the small creatures into the clouds and carries them, sometimes for miles and miles, even after the water spout has stopped spinning. But keep in mind, no official explanation has been presented thus far.