Image result for Reports of gunfire, explosions outside Resorts World Manila
SWAT teams and fire brigades have surrounded the large Resorts World Manila complex, located next to the Philippine capital’s international airport, after reports of gunfire and explosions inside.

“The resort is a popular location with British and other foreign tourists, and the area remains on lockdown for the moment,” RT correspondent Charlotte Dubenskij said by phone from Manila.

Eyewitnesses posted videos on Twitter in which apparent gunshots could be heard emanating from the country’s biggest leisure center, which includes a mall, cinema and casino, while photos were uploaded of a panicky crowd gathered outside.

The US State Department has acknowledged the attack and warned citizens to stay away from the vicinity of the mall, including the country’s main Ninoy Aquino Airport, which is responsible for handling over 100,000 passengers daily.

One picture featured white smoke billowing from the top of the complex.