A mother who was trapped in the Grenfell Tower blaze along with her boyfriend and six-year-old daughter may have saved their lives by flooding her 11th floor flat.

Natasha Elcock, 39, remained in the flat with her family – as she had told to do by the building’s standard safety instructions.

But as the heat in the flat got more intense she rushed into the bathroom and turned on the taps to flood the flat on purpose.

She told the Daily Star, ‘I let the bathroom flood. It kept the flat damp. It may have saved our lives.

Elcock said she phoned for help more than 100 times, at one point being transferred to a call centre in Glasgow.

“We tried the door but it was too hot. We had our little girl on the wet floor and we went to the coldest room.

“The door was buckling and the windows bubbling and cracking. It was terrifying.”

Eventually, fire crew reached them, and the family were led to safety. They were treated in hospital for smoke inhalation.