Image result for Liberal Group Raising Funds for Hurricane Harvey Victims to Have Abortions

Abortion activists are fundraising so that more people will die in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

The death toll from the massive hurricane reached 46, as of Friday afternoon, according to the New York Times. But no one will count how many more human lives will be lost to abortion as a result of abortion activists’ fundraising off the natural disaster.

The Free Beacon reports one of the groups capitalizing off Hurricane Harvey is the Lilith Fund, which funds abortions and abortion advocacy.

The Texas-based group set up an “Emergency Fund for Harvey Survivors” to raise money for women who are “seeking an abortion but cannot afford it,” according to the group’s Facebook page.

“With increased barriers like temporary clinic closures, displacement, loss of homes/vehicles, and more, access to abortion just got even more difficult for those affected by Harvey,” the group wrote.

Other abortion activists also have been urging people to donate to abortion groups to help hurricane victims abort their unborn babies. And the pro-abortion blog Romper dedicated a whole article to urging donations for abortions in Texas.

“May I suggest that, among your donations for #Harvey relief, you consider also donating to a Texas abortion fund? This, too, is needed,” pro-abortion writer Verónica Bayetti Flores wrote on Twitter this week.

“Disasters mean missed appointments,” she continued. “Mass disruptions like this wreak havoc on people’s lives, particularly w this time sensitive care.”

Here’s more from the report:

Some other groups have also been focused on goals outside of funding rescue, food, water, clothing, or shelter, and still disagree with Lilith’s fundraising approach. Members of New Wave Feminist are focused on empowering women during the tragedy. The group has collected supplies and has reminded women “they are not alone,” RedState reported.

The founder and president of New Wave Feminist, and a Texan, Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa, said of Lilith’s approach:

The fact that this group would use a natural disaster to fundraise is absolutely appalling. For so many struggling right now, they need to know that their fellow Texans are here to support them with resources and real help so that they can make nonviolent choices. Just because they’ve lost everything, that doesn’t mean their child has to lose their life.

In contrast to abortion activists’ life-destroying fundraising efforts, pro-life pregnancy centers, ministries and others are providing support for pregnant and parenting moms in the wake of the hurricane.

Meredith Phillips, who helps operate a Christian housing ministry for pregnant moms called LifeHouse in Houston, told Pregnancy Help News that they had to relocate nine pregnant women and several staff members because of the flood.

Since then, Phillips said they have been reaching out to other expectant moms in the area and providing any resources that they can.

Here’s more from that report:

By the end of the day Wednesday, Phillips had talked at length with five expectant mothers who had lost their homes and had nowhere to go. She was able to immediately place one of the women in LifeHouse, which has the capacity for as many as 18 moms at a time, while the team helped connect 10 more women to vital resources within the community.

“We really worry about that pregnant woman who has been in this kind of stress,” Phillips said. “We want to be able to give her an environment where she can rest physically and emotionally and be able to nurture the baby who is growing inside of her.”

Several Houston-area pregnancy centers and maternity homes affiliated with Heartbeat International also have reopened and are reaching out to flood victims. Others were damaged by the hurricane and floods.