North Korea and US fire missiles within MINUTES of each other as Trump fears breakdown

THE US has launched a colossal intercontinental ballistic missile just minutes after North Korea fired off two of its own as tensions between the two nations remain frosty.

North Korea fired two short-range missiles at 4:40pm local time on Thursday from the Sino-ri missile base and the projectiles flew a distance of 260 and 170 miles, South Korean military officials said. Almost immediately afterwards, a US Minuteman III ICBM took to the sky from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, powering a staggering 4,200 miles across the Pacific. It was the second such launch in a month and the fourth this year.

Linda Frost, Deputy, Media Operations of the Air Force Global Strike Command, told Fox News that the close timing of the US and North Korean tests were not related.

She explained: “It’s important to note that our test launch is not a response or reaction to world events,” adding that launch dates are lined up three to five years in advance.

As if on cue, the US Navy fired an unarmed Trident missile from the submarine USS Rhode Island just hours later.

 Rear Adm. Michael Bernacchi, Commander, Submarine Group 10 said the crew had spent “the last nine months preparing for this test and the patrols that will follow.”

Pyongyang had launched a number of short-range projectiles from its east coast five days beforehand, saying it was conducting a “defense units” test of its rocket launchers and tactical guided weapons.

President Donald Trump said on Friday he does not consider North Korea’s recent launch of short-range ballistic missiles “a breach of trust.”

In an interview with Politico, Trump downplayed the missile tests by North Korea, calling them “very standard stuff.”

He said: “They’re short-range and I don’t consider that a breach of trust at all.

“And, you know, at some point I may. But at this point no.”

Trump said he might eventually lose faith in his relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, which he has previously described as “very strong.”

He said: “I mean it’s possible that at some point I will, but right now not at all.”

On Thursday, Trump appeared to hold the door open for more talks with North Korea, claiming that “the relationship continues … I know they want to negotiate, they’re talking about negotiating.

“But I don’t think they’re ready to negotiate.”