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A Craigslist posting advertised a newborn baby for sale for $500 – as well as a four year-old girl for free. Investigators began a probe into the ad on Friday, which offered the sale of the newborn in Kendall, Florida. The ad read: ‘Baby is 2weeks old. It sleeps, don’t make noise at night. Formula and clothes will give it to you. Can give you the baby 4 year old sister for free.’ ‘I live in a quiet influential neighborhood. I work for department of children and families.’ ‘I don’t want to be judged for not wanting these kids,’ the ad concluded.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) is now working to determine if the post was a real attempt at selling a baby or a crude joke. Gretl Plessinger, a FDLE spokeswoman, told the Miami Herald, ‘We do have an active investigation that started last Friday,’ but she did not reveal specific details regarding the case.

FLDE investigators interviews one woman they suspected might have posted the ad, but she denied any involvement. Authorities are now waiting on computer records to help them determine who may have posted the ad. It is unclear if the ad breaks any Florida laws. One woman has been arrested in South Florida in the last decade for selling her infant, but she did not sell the baby in an online post.

The woman, Kenia Quiala Bosque, was arrested after she arranged to sell her eight-month-old son to a man. She was charged with a felony adoption violation, which makes it illegal ‘to sell or surrender, or to arrange for the sale or surrender of, a minor to another person for money or anything of value.’ Bosque was found guilty and served 180 days in jail. She also lost custody of her children.