Bandit tell owner, workers to wear face masks, while robbing store ...
Bandit tell owner, workers to wear face masks, while robbing store …

Two gunmen make good their escape yesterday afternoon around 15:00hrs after robbing a cellular phone store located on Regent Street.

At the time of the incident, owner of Cellular Connection Gift and Variety Store, Wendy Seepersaud and four of her employees were in the store.

Kaieteur News understands that upon entering the establishment, the men told everyone present to put on their face masks so that they (bandits) would be protected from the deadly Coronavirus.

In an interview with Kaieteur News, Ms. Seepersaud explained that prior to the incident, two men came on a motorcycle and parked some distance away from the store.

About one minute later, one of the men entered the store and told one of the salesgirls that he wanted to purchase an iPhone charger.

“She told him to wait at the front of the store…He came walking behind her and came straight up to me and pull out the gun. He pull the drawer, take out the money…but he wasn’t satisfied, he said this is not all the money, and I said this is all the money I sold for the day.”

The men were wearing black face masks.

Ms. Seepersaud said that after robbing the store, the bandits then ordered that nobody should move or else it would “end deadly”.

The duo escaped with cell phones, electronic tablets and colognes in a suitcase. They also took the employees’ personal handbags.

The store owner also said that the incident left her in a state of shock, and that for the past two weeks the doors of her store had been partially closed in keeping with the measures put in place to tackle Covid-19.
Investigators are collected CCTV footage from the crime scene. Up to press time no arrest had been made.