• Tear gas fired at demonstrators at Damascus Gate, around half a mile from Temple Mount where clashes last Monday at the Al-Aqsa Mosque – Islam’s third holiest site – provoked a barrage of missiles from Hamas in Gaza
  • Water cannon and mounted police deployed as Palestinians fled stun grenades close to the Old City
  • Meanwhile two Israeli Defense Forces soldiers were shot and wounded around ten miles north near the West Bank settlement of Beit El as hundreds of Palestinians rioted at the entrance to the nearby city of Ramallah
  • The IDF announced earlier that 65 Hamas targets were hit in airstrikes overnight as Netanyahu vowed to ‘continue striking the terrorists’ despite Joe Biden’s calls for ceasefire amid a rising civilian death toll
  • A total of 212 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, including 61 children, since last Monday. The IDF says that figure includes 120 members of Hamas and 25 members of Palestinian Islamic Jihad
  • Ten Israeli civilians, including a child, have been killed in Islamist rocket fire

Pro-Palestinian protesters clashed with Israeli security forces in Jerusalem’s Old City today, and two soldiers were shot in the West Bank, as widespread demonstrations turned into violent confrontations in Israel and the occupied territories.

The eight day of violence in the region followed Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s dismissal of Joe Biden’s calls for a cease fire and continued air strike on the Gaza strip.

Elsewhere, tear gas was fired at demonstrators at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s old city, around half a mile from Temple Mount where clashes last Monday at Al-Aqsa Mosque – Islam’s third holiest site – provoked a barrage of missiles from Hamas in Gaza.

A water cannon and mounted police were deployed as Palestinians were sent running from the flash of stun grenades close to the Old City.

Meanwhile two Israeli Defence Forces soldiers were shot and wounded around ten miles north near the West Bank settlement of Beit El as hundreds of Palestinians rioted at the entrance to the nearby city of Ramallah.

One of the soldiers was said to be moderately injured, while the other was only mildly hurt, according to local reports. They were shot in their legs.

The army were also deployed to the West Bank city of Hebron as rioters lit burning barricades in the street and used slingshots to fire projectiles at officers.

The unrest came as Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Israel’s 21 percent Arab minority staged a general strike in solidarity with Gaza where the death toll on Tuesday rose to 212 – including 61 children.

Ten Israeli civilians, including a child, have been killed in rocket fire from the Strip.

Benjamin Netanyahu earlier defied Joe Biden’s calls for ceasefire as he vowed to ‘continue striking the terrorists’ following air strikes last night on 65 Hamas targets inside Gaza.

Footage emerged of a precision strike on a Hamas ‘suicide submarine’ in northern Gaza on Monday, showing the explosive-laden vessel being obliterated shortly after it was launched into the Mediterranean by militants.

Pro-Palestinian protesters flee from tear gas canisters fired by Israeli security forces inside Jerusalem’s Old City on Tuesday
Israeli forces intervene Palestinians who gather in front of Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate, in East Jerusalem on Tuesday
A protester faces an Israeli security force member during a demonstration held by Palestinians to show their solidarity amid Israel-Gaza fighting, at Damascus Gate just outside Jerusalem’s Old City

Another piece of aerial footage then shows a car being tracked by overhead cross hairs before it is rocked by a blast which brings it to a swift and fiery halt. The IDF said the militants inside had launched the autonomous submarine.

Photographs of the car later showed its roof ripped open in a pattern which suggests a six-bladed ‘ninja’ missile was fired. The missiles are designed to cut through cars, killing targets with minimal collateral damage.

The Israeli Defence Forces did not specify what Hamas were planning to target with their explosive-laden submarine but they have previously fired rockets at naval vessels and oil rigs in the Mediterranean.

The vessels can be armed with up to 70 pounds of explosives and GPS tracking is used to direct them towards targets.

‘The submarine that was attacked was launched from the shore in Gaza,’ the military said. ‘It went a few meters deep and was directed at a target, which could have been an Israeli beach or Israel Navy boats.’

The IDF last night said it blasted through more of ‘The Metro’, the militants’ underground network of tunnels and bunkers which are used as hideouts and for shipping weapons underneath the densely populated city.

Meanwhile Hamas fired 70 rockets – most of which were intercepted by the Iron Dome defence system.

At least two Israelis were killed and several more were seriously injured on Tuesday after a rocket from Gaza struck a factory in southern Israel – following several hours of relative calm this morning.

The two dead are both foreign men in their 30s who worked at the factory that was hit, Israel’s Magen David Adom ambulance service said, while seven others were hurt – some of them seriously.

The factory was hit during a late-afternoon rocket salvo fired from Gaza that came after a six-hour lull in the bombardment. Another building in Ashdod was hit, though it was not immediately clear if anyone was hurt.

Israel responded by launching airstrikes on rocket launchers in northern Gaza which it said had been used in the attack. It is unclear if anyone was killed in those attacks.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz today repeated his vow to ‘bring about complete and long-term calm’ in Gaza, saying the IDF has ‘thousands’ more targets to strike and ‘no person, area or neighborhood in Gaza is immune.’

It comes after Benjamin Netanyahu last-night defied Joe Biden’s calls for a ceasefire, saying that Israel will ‘continue striking at the terrorist targets’.

But despite their breakthroughs against Hamas, Israel faces a growing crisis on three fronts, with an internal battle to quell unrest among Palestinians in the West Bank, and to prevent rocket attacks by terrorists in neighbouring Lebanon.

Rocket fire from the northern border has increased in recent days amid resentment for the air strikes on Hamas.

Terror groups in Lebanon such as Hezbollah back Hamas’ efforts against Israel.

Six rockets were fired from Lebanon late last night but fell short of the border fence, according to the IDF. The military said they responded with an artillery barrage.

The rockets triggered warning sirens and residents near the northern border were warned to stay inside bomb shelters. No injuries were reported.

Airstrikes on Hamas targets in Gaza today toppled a six-story building that housed libraries and educational centres belonging to the Islamic University, leaving behind a massive mound of concrete slabs. Desks, office chairs, books and computer wires could be seen in the debris. Residents sifted through the rubble, searching for their belongings.

Israel warned the building’s residents ahead of time, sending them fleeing into the predawn darkness, and there were no reports of casualties. Israel typically says such buildings also house militant infrastructure.

‘The whole street started running, then destruction, an earthquake,’ said Jamal Herzallah, a resident of the area. ‘This whole area was shaking.’

Late Monday, strikes had knocked out Gaza’s only Covid-19 testing laboratory and damaged the office of the Qatari Red Crescent.

The rate of positive coronavirus tests in Gaza has been among the highest in the world, at 28 percent.

Hospitals in the poverty-stricken territory, which has been under Israeli blockade for almost 15 years, have been overwhelmed by patients.