SNL Nativity shows ‘Twerking’ baby Jesus, while Mary swings on a stripper pole and Joseph ‘Pimp Walking’

The cast of Saturday Night Live kicked off the yuletide season by performing a disgusting skit called “Hip Hop Nativity.”

It was provocative, it was sacrilegious and it was revolting. But maybe the greatest sin of all is that the comedy sketch was just not funny.

Baby Jesus twerked while Mother Mary twirled on a stripper pole and “Baby Daddy” Joseph did a “pimp walk.”

“Hip hop is down here,” one of the low-rent actresses said. “The streets are in the knees. Pimp walk. It’s Christmas y’all.”

Baby J is shaking like a rattle, another actress said. “Praise him. Praise baby Jesus.”

To be fair, the SNL sketch was not that too far off from some of the Christmas productions in modern, progressive evangelical churches.

“How comfortable are you on a stripper pole, sweetie,” one of the actors asked. “Mary, go grind on the wall.”

No doubt SNL is working up some skits about the Prophet Mohammad for their Ramadan show. Although, something tells me that skit is probably going to bomb.

I’m sure the cast of Saturday Night Live thought they were being clever by mocking the birth of Christ and ridiculing churches that produce Christmas productions.

But God will not be mocked.

And one day the cast of SNL will have to stand before the throne of God and explain their heresy and their lack of humor.